Tips for Luxury Bathroom Design

Are you ready to take your drab, dated bathroom to an entirely new and luxurious level? If so, you’re not alone.  Each year, millions of people dream of creating a wondrous bathroom environment full of elegant sophistication and modern touches.  The key to a luxurious bath is to combine quality materials with decadent details to create a lavish space you’re sure to adore.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about this change for quite some time.  Maybe your Pinterest board is already full of inspirational photos that leave you in awe!  Although that’s a great place to start, be sure to consider the following tips from our Torrco Design Center specialists.

  1. Tile, whether on the floor, around the shower or covering the entire room, is one of the biggest investments you can make to elevate your bathroom space.  Endless choices, from gleaming glass to traditional marble, ensure that there are options for every budget and every style.  The sleek, clean lines and various sizes and shapes of available tile serve as the ideal base to create a harmonious and relaxing space.  Choose simpler patterns and colors in order to achieve a luxurious, hotel-style bathroom that’s bathed in sumptuous elegance.
  2. Cabinetry is an essential component in any bathroom space.  Not only will cabinets help to solidify your preferred design style, they’re also a must for storing those everyday necessities that you prefer to keep out of sight.  Today’s cabinets are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from traditional pieces with sculpted feet to edgy, modern cabinets designed to hang directly on the wall.  Regardless of what you choose, the professionals at Torrco Design Center will help you choose cabinetry that will help you to achieve the design aesthetic you prefer, whether modern or vintage, traditional or eclectic.
  3. After you’ve made decisions on your cabinets, spend a great deal of time selecting the right basin for your space.  They have the ability to transform your chosen cabinetry and create a luxurious level of elegance and modern style.  Basins are a perfect place to add a touch of color and texture that will enliven your new bathroom.  Whether you choose the contemporary feel of a modern vessel sink or the more traditional style of an undermount sink, you’ll be tying in a functional element that will add just the right amount of flair and drama to your bath.
  4. Nothing spells luxury more than an open concept shower.  Clear, frameless glass provides a modern touch and allows the sleek, clean tile you’ve chosen to become an artistic masterpiece in the space.  To increase the feel of luxury, be sure to incorporate some high-end options such as seating, multiple shower heads, steam and even waterproof speakers.
  5. If you still adore the concept of soaking in a bathtub after a hard day’s work, don’t shy away from placing a large tub in your space.  No matter what your interior design preference, there are tubs available to match your style.  A stunning claw foot tub will add a stupendous touch to a traditional or vintage space, while a sleek stainless tub will become a stately, modern element that creates a contemporary vibe.
  6. After you’ve selected the larger elements for your project, the last step in your bathroom renovation should be to choose the small touches that will elevate it from a mere bathroom to an everyday experience.  The right fixtures, lighting, towels, accents and artwork will add to the overall ambience and help you create the bath of your dreams.

Regardless of your style, your bathroom should be a relaxing place, full of luxurious elements that not only show off your personality, but evoke a true feeling of peace and serenity.  Go for the gusto and schedule a consultation with the experts at Torrco Design Center or visit their website at for more information.